This code of ethics is presented with the understanding that ethics, i.e. moral principles, values, duty, and obligation are a condition of individual character and cannot be legislated. The purpose of this code is to set forth-minimum standards that the Alumni of MCTINA Technicians (AMTECH) desires its students to adhere to as they strive to serve. MCTINA students and those who acquired the AMTECH and AMTECH Specialist designations are judged by the MCTINA directors to be in breach of these standards shall be subject to forfeiture of their recognition by the association. 


Each member shall strive to:

  1.  To place service before personal gain, the integrity and honor of the profession before profit, and the safety and welfare of customers above all other considerations.
  2. To treat all persons with respect and fairness, regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, age, national origin, or any such prejudices.
  3. Exceed customer expectations through excellence in sales, service and support. 
  4. Actively communicate product information and service status to customers, obtaining customer approval before beginning work, and notifying them of any possible additional charges. 
  5. Itemize all parts, labor and other charges on a proper work order or estimate.
  6. Achieve professional and technical excellence through planned self-improvement and education, while encouraging and assisting colleagues and co-workers in their professional development.
  7. Promote the fun, freedom and excitement of responsible (alcohol and drug free) recreational boating.
  8. Always promote safe boating through example and appropriate training.
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