Q Is National Marine Service Expo training part of MCTINA?

Yes, as the education division of AMTECH, MCTINA has always developed the curriculum for NMSE education. Established in 1993, NMSE has become the boating industry's premier technical service training event. NMSE continues to be held annually in January and it offers three days of technical workshops that attract technicians from all areas of the country. NMSE is MCTINA's major source of revenue for field training and it relies on the continued financial support of dedicated marine technicians who understand the importance of continued education.

Q Why should I support or donate to MCTINA?

If you understand that continuing technical education is the only way to keep up with advancing technology, then you will want to financially support MCTINA. As the only source of technical training for currently employed technicians who don't have access to manufacturer product-specific training, MCTINA provides the training to teach advancing technology, and to help improve the technician's troubleshooting efficiency. Your financial donations are tax-deductible.

Q We already have access to manufacturer training. Why would I need MCTINA training?

The job of the manufacturer's instructor is to teach product-specifics on a particular brand. The instructor has to assume the technician already possesses the necessary fundamental skills needed for advanced training. Unfortunately, with more than 80% of all technicians having acquired their fundamental core skills through on-the-job training, we see that many technicians working in our industry today have acquired poor troubleshooting skills.

Q Is my pre-registration tuition fee refundable?

No. The pre-registration fee is offered to committed students who want to support MCTINA field training. The 50% discount credit offered to pre-registered students has to be used within two years. If this heavily discounted tuition credit is not used within two years, the student understands that the credit will be converted into a tax-deductible donation to MCTINA.

Q Does MCTINA offer online training?

MCTINA hopes to add online training courses in the future. However, in the short term MCTINA is concentrating on improving its field training courses. In the future, if the industry's demand calls for online training, MCTINA will strongly consider adding this form of education to augment its field training programs.

Q How do the online forums work?

As a MCTINA Associate, you will have full access to the MCTINA website. The forums give MCTINA students the opportunity to network with fellow students and with MCTINA instructors to discuss educational issues such as course curriculum, as well as gain assistance with actual field-related service problems that you might experience in the field.

Q Can I get specific brand cross-training through MCTINA?

Yes. MCTINA understands that even authorized dealerships take on off-brands for service. MCTINA training concentrates on out-of-warranty service training. MCTINA promotes the fact that all warranty work should be performed by an authorized dealership representing that particular brand. MCTINA training is intended to augment and not compete or interfere with warranty service work.

Q If I can't make a commitment to pre-register for MCTINA training, can I still receive benefits?

Yes. MCTINA realizes that not everyone can pre-register for field training. Many people are not sure whether or not they will have the time to travel to a training event. These technicians can register as MCTINA Online Education Contributors for $250 per year. You will receive unlimited access to the MCTINA forums; however, should you find time to attend MCTINA field training in the future, as an Online Student you will receive a 25% discount off regular MCTINA tuition.

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