The majority—over 80% by some estimation—of marine technicians still gain their core skills through on-the-job training. And obviously, there's no way to know who was responsible for providing that training, much less the level of expertise possessed by the "instructor."

Many companies today have access to manufacturer training, which is fine as far as it goes, but it's limited to product-specific information from each particular manufacturer; and it relies on the technician already possessing proper core skills. An instructor from one major engine manufacturer has conceded that, based on his own experience, more than 50% of the technicians he trains would fail a basic competency test on the principles of two- and four-stroke engines. That's why our Board of Directors felt it necessary to redefine the roles of AMTECH and MCTINA to best ensure the ongoing health and well-being of the marine service industry. The focus being education, MCTINA— a 501(c) (3) non-profit, tax-deductible educational association—has become the de facto standard for marine technical education, offering students a combination of hands-on field training combined with online technical forums. AMTECH—the Association of Marine Technicians—has been dissolved and re-branded as the Alumni of MCTINA Technicians; as such, it is no longer a membership organization, but rather a support/recognition and certification affiliate of MCTINA. The National Marine Service Expo will continue to be MCTINA's premier educational event. NMSE is held each January and is the educational heartbeat from which all MCTINA training is built.

As always, all field training courses will be open to everyone, but MCTINA Associates are eligible for steep discounts in tuition, along with access to extensive interactive educational and field service forums. Associates are individuals and businesses who support the organization by either:

  • Pre-registering as Students for field training courses (includes access to online forums) Annual pre-registration for future field training courses involves a $450.00 contribution to MCTINA: $150 is immediately tax-deductible as support for the MCTINA online education forums and gives you unlimited access to those forums. The remaining $300 represents a 50% discount off the regular cost of any MCTINA field training course and can be used at any time over a period of two years. A 50% discount also applies to any additional courses taken. So by pre-registering tuition, a student can save $900 on a three-day training event.
  • Registering as Online Education Contributors (online forum access only)

Annual registration is a $250 contribution to MCTINA which is immediately tax-deductible to support the online forums, and grants unlimited access to those forums. Online Students are entitled to a 25% discount off the regular cost of field training, in the event they can attend MCTINA field training. You'll find registration forms inside this brochure for INDIVIDUALS (including self-run businesses with a single technician), BUSINESSES (companies employing multiple technicians), and CORPORATE DONORS. Whatever forms your contribution takes, it will be used to improve marine technical education—it's a basic, but necessary first step in ensuring a recreational future that includes a growing, robust boating economy.

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