MCTINA is a not for profit 501(c)(3) educational association. MCTINA is dedicated to enhancing the skill level and professionalism of all marine technicians through continued education and training. The goal of the non-profit is to improve the quality of marine service and repair industry-wide. MCTINA and it students take pride in their work and realize that individually each technician represents the entire industry. By networking together, the marine service community can stay abreast of the latest developments in marine technology, and therefore improve training. With continuing education and support for all marine technicians through MCTINA, the industry will provide better service, thereby, strengthening our industry's customer base. MCTINA encourages its students to abide by a code of ethics with integrity and honor of the profession, while keeping the safety and welfare of their customers above all other considerations. When a customer sees the MCTINA and its student’s AMTECH logo designation, it will mean the technician is trained and dedicated to service excellence.

MCTINA provides the instruction and training to teach its students the correct troubleshooting skills to insure that the technician is addressing the true root cause of the problem. MCTINA training encourages its students to strive to meet the AMTECH Specialist Program standards, and monitors the competency of each of its student’s technical skills.

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