MCTINA supports the industry's certification initiatives, and it will continue to strive to help raise the bar of quality service in the marine industry and to improve the career opportunities for all marine technicians.

AMTECH Specialist Program recognizes members who can demonstrate their technical abilities in the areas of outboard and inboard I/O service work. Technicians who successfully complete MCTINA training curriculum of courses are recognized as Alumni of MCTINA Technicians (AMTECH). These technicians who want to acquired the designation of Specialist are required to take specific MCTINA training programs in their chosen path and demonstrate their knowledge by passing a final exam. Once a technician has successfully completed the course and exam requirements they are recognized by AMTECH as Service Specialists in their field. 

All specialists will require a minimum of 2 years of verifiable employment in their chosen field. Students who graduate from an accepted marine technology program will be credited with the first year of employment and therefore will require one additional year in the field to qualify. 

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